A Parkinson's Life

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Reviews of "A Parkinson's Life"

A Parkinson's Life: And a Caregiver's Roadmap has received a number of stellar reviews. Here is a sampling, with links to some of them.

"'A Parkinson's Life' is a tour de force written by a husband caring for his beloved wife and should be required reading for all medical professionals and other healthcare staff, as well as patients with a progressive disease and their caregivers.

"I discovered that A Parkinson's Life was a page turner and I read it late into the night. It's compelling, distressing, and gently humorous."

—Julie Ferguson
Review on Amazon.ca

What a wonderful contribution to the knowledge base for caregivers of PD. Your insights, practical advice and honest approach will be invaluable.

—Elaine Book
Pacific Parkinson's Research Centre

"Outstanding book. Every Caregiver for someone with Parkinson's should read this book. Jolyon takes you through the entire life of his wife from when they first married until her death and at which point Parkinson's entered their life."

—Review on Amazon.com

"Hallows is an excellent writer. He has a rare gift for explaining complicated concepts in simple language.

"I recommend the book for readers who want to know the gritty details of what probably lies ahead for them: the inevitable decline, the end of driving, the bedside commode, the in-bed sponge bath, the dressing, the legal decisions, the end-of-life decisions, and so on."

—Pete Beidler
for Northwest Parkinson's Foundation